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Are you interested in a custom project? Please enter your contact information below. In the message box, please describe, as specifically as possible, what you want.

Information to consider and include for charcuterie/cutting boards and live edge tables:

  • What size would you like?

  • What type of wood would you like?

  • Do you want a particular shape (natural, rectangular, round, abstract, etc.)?

  • Do you want your piece to have a live edge (natural shape of the wood)?

  • Do you want your piece made with wood or with wood and resin?

  • What color(s) resin would you like used?

  • Do you want something encased in the resin? If so, what (for example, wine corks, cigar labels, ticket stubs, shells, beer caps, etc.)? Will you be providing your own item, or do you want me to provide them?

  • Do you want your board personalized with a monogram, quote, image, etc.?

  • Do you want the personalization to be vinyl (encased in the resin) or pyrography (wood burned)?

  • For tables, what type of legs do you want installed?

  • Any other specific details you can include that would be important to your piece.

*Note: Please be aware that an estimate is based on the current cost of lumber, resin, and materials.

Tax and Shipping will be an additional cost.

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